Happy Valentines Day Images 2019 For Your Lovely GF, BF

Happy Valentines Day Images 2019: Love, Romance, flower while listening to these words the first thing that come in our mind is “yeah you are thinking correct” Valentine’s day only. I mean I have heard like “love is blind” but the actual proof u can only see on this valentine’s day. On every 14 feb thousand of flowers, gifts and cards are exchanged in United states and all over the world between loved ones. We all know this day is like day of love, romance and so many emotions. Don’t forget to download Happy Valentines Day Images 2019 year for your lovely Wife, kids, parents, GF, BF. You can check  Fridaypic.com to capture your loved one cool picture.

Don’t panic, single people even I am having some good plans for you for this day-

1. Pamper yourself like anything that u have not pamper yourself before like go to parlour, had head massage, do everything that u want to become more beautiful and charming , go for shopping.

2. Roam with someone who are also singles and have a good time. Maybe you are roaming with someone that u want to be with.

3. Watch romantic comedy movies and eat popcorns and laugh like anything and make your believe like nothing is love .

4. Off your laptops and turn the pages of romantic books and have a thriller ending at last of the story.

5. Spend the money on you that you have thing you would have spent on your loved ones.

For some individuals, this will simply include purchasing blossoms and chocolates for their companion, and that will be all. Be that as it may, different couples get a kick out of the chance to make the day quite a lot more exceptional. They organize different activities and put more exertion into the entire day.

On the off chance that you put a little idea into it, there are such a large number of Valentines Day thoughts you could acquaint into the day with make it one to recollect like posting a Valentines Day Picture on your Facebook.

Love is noticeable all around – and it will be there as soon as humanly possible on your cell phone too with these sentimental foundations.

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So don’t you want to know about the history of this day that you all will celebrate with such great happiness like the day of freedom to tell someone that u love or like him/her. So are you excited to know that this valentine’s day is celebrated in the name of a saint called Valentine.

Watch Some Popular Happy Valentines Day Images 2019

Happy Valentines Day Images 2018
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019
Happy Valentines Day Images 2018
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019



So many stories are there I mean when we see the story behind that so many priest are found having name as Valentine. Catholic churches has searched a lot and found three legends where we found people whose name having Valentine.


Happy Valentines Day Images 2018

So one legend says like once there is a Valentine named priest who served in the middle age of Rome but at that time the king has some thinking like unmarried guys can be a good soldier rather than married guys.


Happy Valentines Day Images 2018

So he made a rule like “No soldier can marry” but Mr. Valentine disobeys this rule and continued to make young soldiers married . But one day king get to know about this disobeyence by him so he killed him.





Happy Valentines Day Images 2018
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019

So thats why we celebrate this day in the name of saint Valentine’s.


One legend story says like Valentine is a man who helped the Christian prisoners to run away from the Rome prison to get rid of king punishment and their harsh behavior with Christians.

You know Billions of cards are exchanged on this day to show as a symbol of their love to their loved ones and Valentine’s day is the second most popular thing after Christmas.

As I told you that the exchanging of cards on the occasion of Valentine’s day is a kind of tradition in U.S. And according to a survey, in U.S. there are millions of cards sold and bought from the store on this special day.
People try to say their words and express their feelings through presenting a beautiful Valentine day card to their crush or loved one. And most of the girls love to have a huge giant card with them. That’s why their boyfriend purchases a card to make them happy & feel romantic. Such an Awwwww! Moment created between the couples.

Even you can prepare a beautiful as well as creative handmade card for your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband or wife. We are always ready to help you here, that’s why we bring a beautiful collection of Valentine day images, Valentines day wallpapers and Valentines day photos. That makes your card effective. So, express your feelings with our great idea that will surely help you to make your loved ones response in your favor. Even you can use our best collection of Valentines day quotes for boyfriend  whatever you want. It will impressively show your affection and love towards your partner.

Just collect few more things, like bring a card then paste some beautiful Valentines day images | wallpapers in that card and also you do some creativity by adding few old Valentines day photos in your card that will add a charm into your card and don’t forget to write some beautiful lines of Valentines day quotes that will totally dedicate to your partner. That’s all enough to become a beautiful Valentine day card which definitely melts you partner’s heart as well as rise some intense and romantic feelings inside your partner’s heart and create an aroma of your love and charm.

And one more thing this will be a unique as well as perfect gift to your partner that will make your Valentine’s day memorable.

Even I am having so many ideas to celebrate this day.

1. Sit with your loved ones and refresh your previous memories.

2. Talk about each other, about your likings and your disliking.

3. Plan something that u both will enjoy.

4. Do something that your valentine likes.

Like this plan your day with your valentine.

You know Billions of cards are exchanged on this day to show as a symbol of their love to their loved ones and Valentine’s day is the second most popular thing after Christmas. February is the month for romance.

Happy Valentines Day Images 2018

Happy Valentines Day Images 2018




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Happy Valentines Day Images 2018
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019

According to few surveys here I’m going to tell you something about your Valentine’s Day plans. I can tell you that what your Valentine’s Day plans say about your relationship.

1. A Romantic Dinner With Your Loved One At A Fancy Restaurant:

Most of the couple doing making this plan to impress their partner. And according to a survey 24% women and 35% men making the romantic dinner plan with their date. So, you can also make this plan for this Valentine Day.

2. Enjoying Spa With Your Partner:

It sounds a little bit awkward. But it’s true! Not mostly but very people making this romantic plan with their date. According to a survey, this is one of the less popular ideas for Valentine Day. Even only 3% women and 8% men actually agreed for this plan. But this will be a unique idea for you on this Valentine Day. You have to try at once.

3. Getting Cozy With Your Soulmate At Home:

It’s a very basic idea but also very romantic. According to a survey, it’s a very popular choice or you can say option that most people choose for their Valentine Day. Even 43% women and 27% men are like to make this plan. So, if you’re not interested to go anywhere then you can arrange all stuff in your home and make your Valentine Day romantic.

4. Doing Fun Activity Together, Like – Ice Skating:

If you like to enjoy your Valentine Day with fun then you can choose this option. According to a survey, this is not so popular option that people like to do on Valentine Day. Only 9% women and 4% men make this plan to do fun with their date.

5. Go For A Long Drive or Romantic Trip:

Well, most couples like to go for a long drive with their loved one. And on the occasion of Valentine Day, people also love to go for a romantic trip with their partners. According to the survey, 14% women and 22% men like to go for a trip. Probably this could be the best romantic way to celebrate Valentine Day.

So, that’s it! These are the ways that people choose for their Valentine Day. Tell us, what’s your favorite one. Share in the comment box.

One story is also there like Valentine is a prisoner in Rome jail where he had send a luv letter to his beloved to express his feeling of love and what’s most interesting is like he was loving Jailer’s daughter only who usually comes in Jail.


Happy Valentines Day Images 2018
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019


“No one can define it , it something which is so great, only GOD could design it. Yes, Love is beyond, what man can define, for LOVE is immortal. And GOD’s gift is divine. ”

Or it can be say that –

“Love does not come with a tag of restrictions & limitations.

It is an independent feeling which arises from within,

And is purely unconditional & boundless.”

Happy Valentines Day Images 2018
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019

So my point is like Whatever happened we cant change but we knows only one thing like If we are loving someone and want to express our feeling then valentine’s day is the coolest day to tell someone and chances for getting approval is also very high.