February Special Days For Lovers | February Special days list 2019

February Special Days For Lovers: The most awaited day of lovers for which they are eagerly waiting a whole year, is here to come. And the day is known as “Valentine Day.” The lovers got official opportunity to express their love for someone special. On this special occasion, the lovebirds celebrated their love. But the day does not come alone; it is preceded by Valentine’s week which is February special days for lovers. Because the love festival celebrates between 7th February to 14th February which is also known as Valentine Week. Don’t miss Valentine day Images & Valentine day Joke.

The Valentine’s week is also called love week/romance week which are the February special days for lovers. On this beautiful occasion the lovebirds showering their love for each other by presenting gifts, flowers, cards, etc. And here is the complete list of Valentine’s week 2019 that is given below –

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February Special Days List:

The February special days list contains the 7 different days like rose day, propose day, teddy day, hug day, promise day, chocolate day, kiss day and the Valentine day.


here we have provided the full February special days list for lovers.


First Day of Valentine Rose Day 7th February 2019
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day 8th Feb 2019
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day 9th Feb 2019
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day 10th Feb 2019
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day 11th Feb 2019
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day 12th Feb 2019
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day 13th Feb 2019
Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day 14th Feb 2019


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Special Days For Lovers In February:

As we all know that February brings the season of love in which people officially celebrate the love festival which is started from Rose day and end with Valentine’s day. And these days are very special days for lovers in February because they express their feelings with their loved one.

All the lovers celebrate these special days in their own way. And the best part is that there are no particular rules or tradition to celebrate the February special days for lovers. The special days for lovers in February is described below –

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Rose Day –7th Feb 2019

You can express your feelings by giving Red, Pink, Yellow, White roses according to your relation. There are different meanings of colors of roses.

February Special Days For Lovers


  • If you wanna to propose someone then you should give Red or pink roses.
  • If you wanna to make someone your friend then you should give a yellow rose.
  • And if you wanna to sought some issues with anyone then you should give white rose because it is the symbol of peace.


On this special day, you present rose with the beautiful Valentines day messages for her to someone special in your life.

Propose Day –8th Feb 2019

People use this day to propose someone directly and it will be easy to remember your proposal date and there will be highest chance to get answer ‘Yes.’ So, make your day special pairing with the beautiful Valentines day quotes for girlfriend/Valentines day quotes for boyfriend.

February Special Days For Lovers

Chocolate Day –9th Feb 2019

You can spread happiness on your partner’s face by presenting the chocolate gift hampers. Especially, most of the girls like chocolates. So, make your day chocolaty as well as memorable by showing your love and care for them.

February Special Days For Lovers

Teddy Day –10th Feb 2019

Teddies are the cutest gift in the whole world which is also liked by girls. You can prepare a sweet little Valentine day card which is filled with the sweet Valentines day poems for your partner that will definitely melt their heart for you.

February Special Days For Lovers


Promise Day –11th Feb 2019

Well, it is easy to make any promise to someone while hard to keep it. But it works effectively to impress someone because it left a powerful impact on someone’s mind also heart too. So, make promises and also fulfill them to make your relationship strong.

February Special Days For Lovers


Hug Day –12th Feb 2019

A hug is a special feeling of expressing love and affection. So, give hug to share happiness not only to your loved one but also your dear ones too and brighten up their day.

February Special Days For Lovers


Kiss Day – Friday, 13 April

One of the sweetest things to express love is to kiss someone because it creates a sensation in your whole body and bring intense feeling to someone. So, kiss to your loved and dear one to show your love towards them. Because there are different kinds of a kiss, such as – French Kiss, Lip to Lip kiss, Kiss On Forehead.

February Special Days For Lovers

Valentine’s Day –

And the last but not least is Valentine’s day. On this special day couples spending their special time with their loved one. Send the romantic Valentines day messages for husband | Valentines day messages for wife and wish them for being their Valentine. People are exchanging cards, gifts, chocolates, and flowers with their loved one.


So, this is the full list of February special days for lovers. Hope you like this list and share your thoughts with us and feel free to see our more collection of Valentines day images, Valentines day picture, Valentines day photos, Valentines day wallpapers and so on.

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