Why Valentine Day is Celebrated on February 14 – Very Simple Guide

Valentines Day, whenever I heard this word, I always wondered why Valentine Day is celebrated. Or Why Valentine Day is celebrated on February 14? After digging a lot on Google. Finally, I found several reasons and myths to celebrate this day that I am going to share with you today. Don’t miss Valentine day Images & Valentine day Joke.

Either you are in relationship or not. I’m sure you all are aware of Valentine’s Day which is celebrated in the whole world on 14th February every year. This is the celebration of love which is totally unavoidable, no matter where you go. There are millions of people in this huge world who celebrates this romantic day in their own way, but very few people know the actual reason to celebrate this day.


Well, there are several reasons of why Valentine Day is celebrated on February 14?



What Day Is It Valentines?

Why Valentine Day is Celebrated on February 14

I think there is no individual or specific definition of this day but we can say that Valentine’s Day is the festival of love which is celebrated on 14th February of every year. And the season of love is started from 7th February and continue up to 14th February. These seven days are known as Valentines week.

People try to express their feelings to their loved one and they organized it in their own way. Millions of cards being exchanged on this day to show their feelings. There will be an amazing atmosphere and the entire weather turns into romantic as well as people try to find their true love on this special occasion.

While many people don’t know why February 14 is called Valentine Day? Still, they celebrate this romantic day with their loved one.

Most of the couples choose to celebrate their Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner, picnic or home-cooked food. They present gifts to each other with the symbols of love like hearts and flowers. Even many people will proposal creatively to their loved one. Such as – climbing to the top of the mountain, posting a message on the billboard, whatever the method they use, only the single reason behind this to make their proposal romantic and memorable.

And if you are apart from your partner you can send love messages or Valentines Day pictures, Valentine Day Photo as well as you can post-Valentine Day wallpapers on your partner’s timeline in their social media. It feels them special and makes them happy.

Why Is Valentine Day Celebrated On February 14?

Well, the history of this loving day is little misty. Because it has a different kind of reasons to celebrate this day. Today, Valentine’s Day integrated with Christian and ancient Roman traditions.

But according to Americaslibrary.gov, the Romans celebrated the feast of love, Lupercalia (a spring festival) on 15th February. But with the beginning of Christianity, the holiday moved to the 14th February which got the name Valentine’s Day to the honor of the several martyrs named with Valentine.

In the medieval age, people believe that birds select their mate on February 14. And the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning expressed the love in a poem:

How do I love thee; let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height,

My soul can reach……….

Awwww……. Such a romantic lines. So, do you write poetry for your special one?

If not, you should try these poetries to left an impact on your partner’s heart.

Why February 14 is celebrated as Valentine Day?

According to History.com, there is also a story behind February Special Days For Lovers celebration. In Rome, in the 3rd century, there were three saints in Catholic Church who named as Valentine or Valentinus. But the one saint seems the most obvious connection. That time, the emperor was Claudius II who decided to the single men army because he thought the unmarried men made better soldiers. But the saint Valentine realizes the injustice and helps the young soldiers to perform marriages secretly.

Why Valentine Day is Celebrated on February 14

After some time, Claudius discovered the truth of Valentine. He ordered him to death. While imprisoned, Saint Valentine cared for his fellow prisoners and he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter who comes to meet with him during his imprisonment. Before his death day, he wrote a letter for that girl signed with “From Your Valentine. ” That’s why people introduced to each other Valentines today.

After the death of Saint Valentine, the day is celebrated in the name of St. Valentines Day.

More than 200 years later Rome had become Christian and the Catholic Church squashed out the remaining paganism. From that Pope introduced this festival as 14th February Saint Valentine’s Day.

So, that’s all the reasons which are given behind y Valentine Day is celebrated? The beginning is so questionable of Valentine’s Day. But people relate it to the love festival. So, the whole world is celebrated this day as the annual festival of love i.e. known as Valentine’s Day.

So, share your thoughts and ideas with us how are you gonna celebrate this Valentine Day?


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