Valentine Week list 2019 & Valentine Day Date Sheet 2019

Ohh! Here it comes 14th February i.e; Valentine’s day. We can say that day of lovers. It’s not only about girlfriend/boyfriend but also for that person who is most important than anyone in your life could be your Valentine. And it can be his/her father/mother/brother/sister for someone. Even it can be your best friend. The celebration of love is started from 7th February. And here you can find the complete Valentine week list 2019. So, keep remembering this Valentine day date sheet. Don’t miss Valentine day Images & Valentine day Joke.

Valentine’s day is the most awaited day of the year for the lovers. And they are all eagerly waiting for this day which offers them an official opportunity to show their affection & love to their better half. Every year 14th of February is preceded by Valentine’s week. Valentine week list 2019 is celebrated from 7th to 14th February 2019. This week is also known as love week or romance week.


Here we come up with the full Valentine day date sheet which we will discuss with you later.

Valentine Week list 2018
Valentine Week list 2019


The newbie, who fell in love first time and this, will be their first Valentine day. They are definitely eager to know about the about the Valentine week list 2019 & dates. So, need not to do a lot of searching over the internet because we have provided you all of the information that you needed for Valentine day celebration.


We have provided you the entire schedule here and also you’ll find here lovely Valentine day messages for husband/ Valentines day messages for wife/ Valentines day messages for boyfriend/ Valentines day messages for girlfriend.

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Enjoy this amazing Valentine day date sheet with joy, romance & happiness. Browse our site for more articles, messages, SMS, quotes, images, wallpapers, pictures, ideas about the Valentine week list 2019.


February Special Days List:


We are going here to tell you about the February special days list which is also known as Valentine’s week list. Valentine week list 2019 consists the 7 different days like the Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Promise Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day and the last one is Valentine’s day itself. Here is given below a table of Valentine week list 2019. 


Valentine Day Date Sheet 2019

First Day of Valentine Rose Day Thursday 7th February 2019
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Friday 8th February 2019
Third Day of Valentine Teddy Day Saturday 9th February 2019
FourthDay of Valentine Hug Day Sunday 10th February 2019
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Monday 11th February 2019
Sixth Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Tuesday 12th February 2019
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day Wednesday 13th February 2019
Valentine’s day Happy Valentine Day Thursday 14th February 2019

1. Rose Day

It is the first day of Valentine week list 2019. People used to exchange roses with each other by giving the specific color of rose. You can also present a beautiful bouquet with a lovely Rose day message that makes a place on your Valentine’s heart.

2. Propose Day –

On this second day of February special days list, people express their feelings to their loved one or propose to someone whom they are like or having a crush on them. So, take a deep breath and just say your feelings to your true love.

3. Chocolate Day

On this Valentine week list 2019, present some delicious chocolates to your partner on the occasion of Chocolate day and show your affection towards them.

4. Teddy Day

Teddy day is the fourth celebration of Valentine day date sheet, and teddys are one of the best gifts for the girls. On this particular occasion impress your lady by presenting a cute Teddy bear.

5. Promise Day –

It is the 5th day of February special days list. People promise to each other that everything they share and keeps for a long time.

6. Hug Day –

A hug is more than 30 seconds creates trust & positivity to that person to whom you hold in your arms. So, on this occasion give a tight hug to your buddy and feel them your love towards them.

7. Kiss Day –

On this particular eve give a kiss to your loved one without any hesitation because he/she is only yours beloved ones.

8. Valentine Day

This is the last & essential day of love, truth, honesty, beliefs & so on. On the occasion of Valentine’s day, everyone frankly shows their love & care to their partner/soulmate. So, just celebrate the day of love and share your sweet stories with us.



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