Valentines Day Jokes one Liners & Jokes In Hindi , English

Valentine day is a very beautiful day for lovers. What you think valentine day only means a romantic day no if you are having this kind of thought then change your mind. I have brought a very good idea to celebrate this day in a funny day like sending Valentines day jokes to our love. You know for having a balanced life both love, as well as fun, are necessary. You need to keep a balance between them. Don’t miss Valentine day Images & Valentine day Joke.

And even I heard u need to keep a balance of everything as when it unbalances it can create a mess. We have a different kind of moods at a different time. So, according to the mood, we need to choose, whether we need to be humorous or romantic. If you are in a comedy mood then you can create a lot of fun by sharing these Valentines day jokes/ Valentines day jokes one liners.

And you are in a romantic mood. Then, I can suggest you some of the ideas to make your valentine day more fun, lovable and romantic.

  • Gift anything that looks funny like cartoon pillow and uses valentine day jokes to make it funnier.
  • Play funny games.
  • Organize a party for both of us, dress like some funny fellow and enjoy your character.


Valentines Day Jokes

The Valentine’s day almost comes and still, you are single and don’t want to live in any relationship then you will definitely love to hang out with friends and laugh at these funny Valentines day jokes and also make fun with these funny Valentines day jokes for adults.

So, if you are searching for new as well as latest Valentines day jokes. Then, you have to check our hilarious collection of Valentines day jokes. Even we are categorized them in three ways to easily differentiate for finding best jokes according to your interest.

So, feel free to forward these Valentine’s day jokes to your friends, relatives & family. Wish them a fun-filled Valentine’s day!

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Valentines Day Jokes One Liners:

Well, this is the best as well as a safe place to find Valentine’s day jokes one liners which are fun for everyone.

If you decide to celebrate this Valentine Day with your friends. Then, what way you will choose to make fun with your friends? Do you think about sticking a funny Valentine’s day jokes one liners inside their notebook?

Well, I must say this is a great idea and you have to try this at least for one time. You will definitely like this idea because this is an awesome place to hide something and deliver a little smile on your friend’s face.


Q: What did Pilgrims give each other on Valentine’s Day?
A: Mayflowers

Q: What did one snake say to the other snake?
A: Give me a little hug and a hiss, honey.

Q: What did cavemen givetheir wives on Valentine’s Day?
A: Lots of ughs and kisses.

Q: What did the Miss Piggy say to Kermit on February 13th?
A: Don’t froget, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Q: What did the drum say to the other drum on Valentine’s Day?
A: My heart beats for you.

Q: What do you call a very small Valentine?
A: A valentiny.

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Valentines Day Jokes in Hindi



सभी महिलाओं से अनुरोध:

कृपया 15 फरवरी तक अपने पतियो पर विशेष नजर रखे।

नही तो…

“नजर हटी सौतन पटी”

जनहित मे जारी!!


  • मैं भी Valentine day मनाऊँगा. जिन लडकियों ने मुझे मना किया है, उनके माँ बाप को फोन करके उनकी “LOCATION” बताऊंगा…  

  • सभी महिलाओं से अनुरोध: कृपया 15 फरवरी तक अपने पतियो पर विशेष नजर रखे। नही तो “नजर हटी सौतन पटी” जनहित मे जारी!!

  • ना किसी ने Rose दिया ना किसी ने Propose‬ किया ‎Chocolate‬? तो दुर की बात किसी ने Eclairs? तक नहीं दिया : अब तो लगता हॆ की छोड़ छाड़ के सब कुछ PK के Planet? चला जाऊँ… 


 टीचर – कल क्यों नहीं आया?
पप्पू- नहीं बताऊँगा?
टीचर चांटा मारकर- जल्दी बता,
पप्पू – Valentine Day पे गर्लफ्रेंड के साथ था,
टीचर -इतना छोटा होके भी
गर्लफ्रेंड के साथ घूमता है, कौन थी वो लड़की ?
पप्पू – आपकी बेटी,
टीचर बेहोश.


  • पति वह प्राणी है जो भूत प्रेत से बेशक न डरे मगर पत्नी की ‘4 missed call’ खौफ पैदा करने के लिए काफी है!?
  •  लड़की अपने पति का इंतजार कर रही थी, जैसे ही दरवाजा खोला, लड़का – ये लो जानू वेलेन्टाइन का फूल, लड़की – ये क्या लाये हो सफ़ेद गुलाब, पहले तो वेलेन्टाइन के दिन रेड गुलाब देते थे, लड़का- पगली…
  • संता की बीवी – सुनिए जी, रात नींद में आप मुझे गालियाँ दे रहे थे, संता – ओ नहीं सोणिये, ये तुम्हारा वहम है, बीवी – क्या वहम है? संता- यही कि मैं नींद में था


एक लड़की रोज चुपके चुपके लड़के से मिला करती थी

लड़का – मुझे अपना दिल दो ना,

लड़की – कल दूंगी

अगले दिन —–


लड़की – ये लो बच्चा,

लड़का – अरे ये क्या ये तो बच्चा है?

लड़की – दिल तो बच्चा है जी 🙂 🙂


Bin pukare hume Sath paoge,
Karo wada ki dosti aap b nibhaoge,
Matlab ye nahi k roj yaad karna,
Bus yaad rakhna us wakt jab
Akele Akele Dairymilk khaoge….

Valentines Day Jokes in English


Q: Why did the boy have his girlfriend put in jail?
A: She stole his heart.

Q: How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend?
A: He gave her a ring.

Q: Why did the boy put candy under his pillow?
A: Because he wanted sweet dreams.

Q. What did one volcano say to the other?
A. I lava you.

Q: What did the octopus say to his girlfriend when he proposed?
A: Can I have your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand in marriage?

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Valentines Day Jokes For Adults:

Nowadays, most of the people try to talk or creating puns on somebody. Usually, then they use dual – meaning talks that everyone (especially kids) could not easily understand except them. That’s why these type of jokes or talks known as adult joke/talk.

And we are also here a huge collection of Valentines day jokes for adults that you can easily share with your friends or relatives. Or if you want to make fun of your friend publicly then you can use these Valentines day jokes for adults to feel embarrassing them.


A wife returns late at night back home.
– Where have you been?! – asks her husband.
– With a friend. But don’t worry, there were no men.
One day later the husband returns back home late.
– Don’t worry; I was also with a friend. And there were no men either…

An advertisement:
I change 40-year-old wife to two 20-years-old ones. Do not offer four 10-year-old ones.

Conversation at the college:
I’m sorry, I can’t be your Valentine for medical reasons, – tells a girl.
Boy: Really?
– Yeah, you make me sick…

What did Salvador Dali say to his girlfriend?
“I love you with all my art!”

Valentines Day Jokes Poems:


Whether you are single or in a relationship, you’ll really like to enjoy your special day in an entertaining way. Such as – By sharing Valentines day jokes poems with your loved one to make a smile on their face.

I Would Love You

I would love you
Even if you looked like poo
(Though we’d only go out at night).
I’d love you forever;
Not abandon you like an Old Shoe
(As long as you stay out of sight).
I would love you faithfully
As long as you pay the bills.
If you’d ever stop though,
I’d send you back to the hills.

I’m Glad You’re Here

I was so sick of being alone on Valentine’s Day
Staring at EHarmony commercials
And drinking alone from a bottle of wine.
Now you’re here and so warm and fuzzy –
Thank God for stuffed animals.

Here’s to the single life!

Sharing My Sandwich

My mother used to call me selfish
Because I never wanted to share my bologna sandwich
With my younger sister or even with her, my own mother.
Nothing compares to a bologna sandwich.




So, what are you waiting for? Just grab best Valentines day jokes and get giggling to your partner. Even you can check our more collection of Valentines day quotes for friend, Valentines day quotes for girlfriend, Valentines day quotes, Valentines day quotes for husband, Valentines day quotes for wife, Valentines day quotes for him, Valentines day quotes for her and so on.


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