These 10 Tourism Destinations Have Become the Beautiful New Bali

If you hear the term 10 New Bali, what’s in your mind? Do you think, 10 Indonesian tourist destinations that will be made like Bali with all the sparkling ease and luxury contained there?

If you think so, unfortunately this time your answer is not quite right. So like this, the Indonesian government in this matter the Ministry of Tourism is again aggressively promoting Indonesian tourist destinations. Well, the use of the term 10 New Bali is more to put pressure so that the performance of each of these tourist destinations like Bali, which a year can bring 4 million foreign tourists and from year to year significantly increased.

The 10 tourist destinations selected in the new bali program have the opposite characteristics and strangeness that are no less sophisticated than Bali, of course. Curious which tourist destinations are prepared by the government in this 10 New Bali program? Here are the unique facts of 10 new bali tourist destinations that are ready to fascinate the attention of the world!


Borobudur Temple is situated in a strategic location with a number of mountains like Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing and Menoreh Mountains. Besides that,

Borobudur Temple is surrounded by two rivers namely Progo and Elo. Many people do not know yet, it turns out that the pile of stones that compose the Borobudur Temple is created from volcanic beams that were formed without adhesives. The total relief itself numbered 2672 from 1212 decorative reliefs and 1460 relief stories.


Belitung turned out to be the largest tin-producing island in Indonesia. John Francois Loudon was the first Dutchman to be trusted by Prins Hendrik who pursued and pioneered Belanada tin mining in Belitung in 1851. Tin mining was once found in the Siburik river and Air Lesung Batang.

Then, there is something unique again. You know, apparently Belitung Island is the only producer of Black Satam stone in the world. This stone is formed from the natural process of the reaction of a meteor collision with a layer of earth containing tin millions of years ago.

  1. BROMO

Based on information from history, Mount Bromo, used to be Mount Tengger. Small eruptions that occurred on Mount Bromo impacted the appearance of a large caldera with a diameter of 8 km. The depth of this caldera creates volcanic material trapped inside it. Now the impact of this eruption was formed magma corridor which then led to different mountain ranges including Mount Widodaren, Mount Wanakan, Mount Kursi, Mount Batok and Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo itself enters the Tengger area inhabited by indigenous tribes, dubbed the Tengger Tribe. The indigenous inhabitants of the Bromo plain also have a unique fact that is not unknown to many people. If you trace the story that is believed by the public, there is an active heir to the oral tradition of the Tengger People. This person is named as the Tengger Shaman. Based on this information from the Tengger Shaman, those who were named as Tengger were descended from all Majapahit refugees.


In Labuan Bajo there are dozens of epic and international tourist destinations. One of them is Komodo National Plant, Pede Beach, Gorontalo Beach, Batu Cermin Cave, Bidadari Island, Kanawa, Wae Lulu Island, to Waringin Peak.

Although it is only a village, but Labuan Bajo has an International Airport located in the City of Labuan Bajo, Flores Island Province. Uniquely, Labuan Bajo has pink sandy beaches which are only 8 in the world.


Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia, even Southeast Asia. The lake, which is located in North Sumatra, has an area of ​​1,145 square km and a length of 450 meters. In the middle of the lake there is a volcanic island named Samosir Island with a height of 1000 meters above sea level. This height makes it look like a mountain when witnessed from a distance.

Researchers believe that the formation of this volcanic lake was formed because of an eruption that occurred 78 thousand years later that destroyed the surrounding area, then formed a caldera which when it returns home to a lake has the name Lake Toba.


The Thousand Islands is apparently part of the Thousand Islands National Park (TNKpS). There are four main ecosystems forming the ecological system of the TNKpS area, namely: coastal forests, mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs.

Uniquely again, among the islands in TNKpS there is actually an underwater aquarium. The island is Princess Island. Even though this aquarium is not a permanent aquarium. Because actually this aquarium is a boat with a bottom element created from glass. Quite solutive to make you who want to dive but can’t swim.

Although a number of islands have been inhabited by humans, there are also a number of “burnt islands” in the TNKpS area. The burnt island here is a small island whose extent is no more than 100 meters and is merely a stretch of sand and coral. And not black at all.


Mandalika will have an international-grade MOTO GP Racing Sirkui which is thought to be draining Rp 6 Trillion. This racing circuit will become the world’s first circuit that offers beautiful natural attractions, solar cell farms, golf courses, commercial locations and views of the Indian Ocean. The government will conjure up Mandalika as Bali Nusa Dua in 2018. The change in Mandalika is strengthened by the existence of various beautiful beaches in Mandalika that are similar to Bali, like Gepuruk Beach, Serenting, Tanjung Beach, to Aan Beach.


Wakatobi underwater beauty has been famous to foreign countries. Wakatobi was even included in the ITB Berlin Largest Tourism Exhibition (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin). ITB itself is the largest tourism market that is trailed by so many tourism companies in the world, ranging from hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines and car rental companies.

In the waters of the Wakatobi sea, there are at least 5 species of whales that live in it namely Beaked Whale, Pilot Whale, Sperm Whale, Bryde’s Whale and Melonhead Whale. Not only that, it turns out that, in addition to having 5 types of whales there are also 6 types of dolfin that live here. Among these are Bottlenoose Dolphin, round head dolphins, Risso Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin, and Spotted Dolphin. So it is not wrong if Wakatobi staying digadang can shift Bali.

Amazingly, it is not enough that 70 percent of the total species of coral or coral in the world is on the seabed of Wakatobi. Just imagine, in the depths of Wakatobi, there were 396 coral species consisting of 31 species of fungi (mushroom), 10 species of non-scleractinia or ahermatipic hard corals, 28 types of soft corals, and the rest were Scleractinia hermatipic corals. In addition to corals, whales and dolphins, there are also 590 species of fish that live in the waters of Wakatobi.


The fierce eruption of Krakatoa is believed to have devastated the west coast of Banten. There are even traces on ancient Dutch maps and academic journals like ‘Marine Geology’, ‘GeoJournal’, ‘Journal of Vulcanology & Geothermal Research’ which claim evolution at a number of points. And the point of evolution is at the location of the Gulf of Slamadarang and Tanjung Lesung.

As a result of the eruption of Krakatau more than a century ago, making the Tanjung Lesung area have extraordinary biological wealth. Either on land or under the sea. In fact, all scientists from all over the world still come to do research on the volcanic richness of the coast of West Java and its unspoiled surroundings.


In the 15th century the kingdom of Moro was based in Mamuya. Now the area is included in Galela sub-district, North Halmahera. The land to the bottom of the waters in Morotai reveals a proof of World War II that stores physical buildings and remnants of war equipment that had occurred there.

A very popular history is the “Battle of Morotai” which is a war between the United States and Japan. The war finally left a sea and air military base around Daruba, the capital of Morotai district which was built in September 1944.The remaining evidence of World War II in Morotai is still stored. You can enjoy the rest of the battle stored on the seabed in the form of a Bristol Beufort wreck with a 20 meter long wing. Not only the legacy of World War II, Morotai has 35 small islands and 2 charming large islands.

Examples are like the charming island of Koloray and Zumzum. When you are you will feel the most heat. Well, so hot, Morotai Island dubbed the island of 3 sun

Uniquely, even though the majority of its territory is ocean, you can also find white iron handicrafts and a variety of jewelry from iron balances during World War II.

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